Cover Crop

Cover Crop seed is available while supplies last directly off of our website. Our various types of Cover Crop seed can be purchased by the pound. Minimum amount to purchase is a pound. A complimentary packet of N-Dure, a premium inoculant will be included.

Seeds will be bagged and shipped USPS in Priority Mail Flat Rate box(es).
To maximize shipping cost,
Box capacity:    small (1-2lbs)    |    Medium (3-15lbs)    |    Large (16-23lbs)

All packages are insured. In the rare circumstance a package is received damaged or lost, a claim must be filed directly with the USPS. Please read information at

Molokai Seed Company will gladly furnish any receipts or proof of insurance that you may need to complete a claim. We apologize in advance if this should happen.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our product at . Molokai residents please contact us to avoid shipping cost--Delivery or Pickup.

Molokai Seed Company is prohibited from selling 'Tropic Sun' sunn hemp seed to the customers in the states of Arkansas and Mississippi. Please contact for more information.


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Native Hawaiian seed

Native Hawaiian seed is available year round. Certain varieties are seasonal and dependent on supply. Please contact us at for availability and pricing. Our products are shipped USPS. Please put an order with us today!


'Sunshine' Vetiver Grass

'Sunshine' Vetiver should be placed in water within 48 hours after receiving. Due to extensive shipping time and cost to ship, 'Sunshine' Vetiver is recommended for HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY. Please contact us at to place an order and/or schedule a delivery. We also install; only on the island of Molokai! Contact us for a quote at .

'Sunshine' Vetiver is sold by the slip. No Minimum/ No Maximum quantity. We offer the highest quality product at the lowest price. We too, were once a buyer of Vetiver.